How to Share God’s Word to Others

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 If you see the chance don’t pass it up. We should take every opportunity to share God’s Word to others. At work or at home, at a friend or someone else’s house, or even at malls and some other public places, we must take God with us, sharing Him and His Word to whoever we encounter.

How do we share God to people we meet? Some simple act of kindness – that certain situations may call for – helping pick up something, or some things, that someone may have accidentally dropped on the floor, asking an old man or woman if he or she needs help, a smile, a hello! All these simple actions, and other more small examples of acts of care and kindness that you can think of, bring God and His love to others.

We can start small in the work of discipleship and in the task of helping advance God’s Kingdom here on earth. Let’s start from these small act of kindness, then, and thereafter we will gravitate to bigger and nobler work for the Lord.

Remember though that even the slightest task we do for the Kingdom matters a lot to God and He will reward, or bless us, for it now and in eternity.

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