Women Discipleship: The Role of Women in Kingdom Building

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Ever wonder how we, women, can share in the task of Kingdom building?

I was pondering recently about matters affecting the faith and spirituality of man and I came to the point of pondering the women’s task of helping build the Kingdom of God here on earth, which I realized was no small task at all.

If you think about it, women actually play a gigantic role in the building of the Kingdom. Just consider mothers – every mother’s feat of raising up their children determine the building, or unbuilding, of God’s Kingdom on earth.

But as we can see all around us, many children nowadays have drifted far away from the rightful path, willfully succumbing to the ways of the world, totally becoming unmindful to our divine heritage and commitments. Surely, mothers face the  difficult task of putting their children back to the paths that God would want them to take. A most difficult task considering that the loudness of the call of the world  dissipates the call of God in His still, small voice.

Every mother should task to re-awake and redirect her children to the path away from the worldly path but with the strong pull from worldly enticements she is facing the most difficult task of helping build the Kingdom through the exercise of her motherly role.

Thus, women, as far as mothers are concerned, truly play a significant role in the Kingdom. We are among those who hold the key in the successful establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth by way of how successful we are also in raising up kids according to God’s ways and not according to the ways of the world.

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