The One And Only Way To Attract Money, And Most Possibly, Become Wealthy in the Process

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Have you ever wondered how  money will come flowing freely to you thereby giving you the means to live a nice life  filled with riches and abundance? Surely, you’re not alone. Thousands upon thousands of people are aspiring to get better in life, financially, and thousands upon thousands are constantly wondering  how to go about this business of making money, trying to figure out if there is any secret to wealth and success and how they could get hold of it.  Books talking about wealth and  riches  line up the shelves of bookstores. Seminars about success are constantly conducted on businesses. I myself have gone through the quest of finding the secret to life’s success through reading various success and personality development books only to realize in the end that the secret to success and to attracting money to yourself and living an abundant life is not something you embark an expedition on to find out.

It is something you do for humanity, something you contribute to the world  to make it a better place to live in.

The one and only way to attract money, and most possibly, become wealthy in the process is this:  you must give money away. Yes, if you want money flowing to you – Give! Give to the needy, and the poor.

Jesus said, “Give and it shall be given to you . . . ”

Who else can you fully trust to be showing us  the right thing to do,  for our own good, but Jesus, our Lord and Savior? Yet, we don’t follow what He said about giving and what happens is we continuously labor for money and yet not really able to get hold of money, not even able to save any amount of money in the bank.

Someone close to me posted on Facebook about a friend who was admitted to the hospital and she was asking financial donations for her. I sent twenty dollars. It was all I can give. I was jobless and totally dependent upon God’s supernatural provision. The twenty dollars was supposed to be for my children’s food. But I sent it anyway.

A few days after I happen to get in touch with a friend, unintentionally, and he mailed me a Hundred Fifty Dollar check immediately after we communicated.

This was not the first time it happened to me, though. A few years back, I was still employed then but struggling financially although employed, I sent eighty dollars to my siblings who were in urgent need of money. I was at the time also in need badly of money to pay our electric bill. But I gave away my last money of eighty dollars, anyway.

The following week, thereafter, while sorting out the office’s incoming letters I got hold of  a letter envelope from my friend, my children’s godmother. Inside the letter was a check in the amount of One Thousand Dollars.

This is how to make money flow to you.

Give and it will be given to you. So if you need money find a way to be able to give away money.

Yes, friends, find someone who may be in need. And help him or her meet that need. They may just be around you. She or he may just even be in your house. She may be your sister, or brother, or parents. Help them out. If they need money, give money away.

It is God’s will for us to help whoever needs help. And, doing so, God will meet our own need according to His riches in heaven through Christ Jesus.

There is no need to break our backs real hard to earn a living and make money. Just give money to others in need, and our faithful God will ensure that money will flow into our life, continuously.

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