The “Mary” Women Disciples of Jesus

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It’s amazing how many women disciples Jesus had with the name of “Mary.”  The first of the top four Mary disciples  was of course non other than Jesus’ mother, Mary.  As mother of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, Mary becomes the  Queen of

On His crucifixion and before giving up His life, Jesus entrusted Mary to His Apostle John who from then on, according to Scriptures, took Her  home with him as his mother, and him, her adoptive son as Jesus desired.

The second Mary is Mary of Alphaeus (Cleopas or Clopas in Hebrew). Alphaeus is  brother of Jesus’s foster father, Joseph. Being a sister-in-law of Jesus’ parents, Mary of Alphaeus  has  had close relationship with His Mother Mary as they live right about in the same time and in the same place in Nazareth. Also, their children (Jesus of the First Mary and James and Juddas Thaddeus of the second Mary) grew up together. James and Thaddeus later became among Jesus’ first Apostles. Mary of Alphaeus had two other older sons: Simon and Joseph but they did not become Jesus’s disciples. While Simon later became a believer of Jesus, Joseph did not as he remained bitter over the fact that their father Alphaeus died a desperate man because he felt his family has become a laughing stock in Nazareth when his two sons James and Judas Thaddeus followed Jesus who was considered insane, or a mad man, in their own hometown.

The third Mary is Mary Salome, the mother of the Apostles James and John of Zebedee. Mary Salome was known for her request to Jesus to make her sons sit one at his left and one at His right in His Kingdom.

The fourth Mary is the more popular, and more controversial Mary, the Mary of Magdala, or Mary Magdalene. A “prostitute” from whom seven demonic spirits have been cast out, Mary Magdalene is the Mary sister of Martha and Lazarus. She was the woman who poured perfume, wet with her tears and wiped with her hair Jesus feet while He was a guest in a pharisee’s house.

There have been misconceptions arising from several Mary names in Jesus ministry.

The first one being that Mary of Alphaeus (or Mary of Clopas/Cleopas) who also was at the foot of the cross together with Jesus’ mother Mary during the crucifixion was referred to as the Virgin Mary’s sister.  The book Poem of the Man God clearly showed that Mary of Alphaeus or Mary Clopas was the sister-in-law of Joseph, the Virgin Mary’s spouse,  her husband Alphaeus being Joseph’s brother.

A most unbecoming misconception was that Mary of Clopas (or Cleopas)  was the Virgin Mary and that Clopas (or Cleopas) was her second husband. The Virgin Mother Mary never had a second husband nor she bore any other children beside Jesus. Jesus wouldn’t give Mary to John as his Mother and John to Mary as Her son if She has a husband who could be with her after Jesus’s death. Likewise, Jesus wouldn’t give Mary to John as his Mother and vice versa if Mary has other child or children who could take her home with them after Jesus’s death. And it would be illegal during that period to have Mary lived with John after Jesus’ de ath, or ascension to heaven, if she had other children of her own whom she could go home to and lived with the rest of her earthly life.

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