Showcasing Stories of the Lives of the Catholic Saints

It's amazing how many women disciples had with the name of "Mary."

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It's amazing how many women disciples had with the name of "Mary."

Hey Guys!

Great news!

We have formed a research team here at That would mean this website will now be updated regularly. Finally, there will no longer be a lapse in the posting of articles and of the regular optimization of the site.

Another great news that I’m sure you’ll be excited about just as we are here inside is that the first project of our research team is going to be about our (Catholic) Saints.

Already, our research team has started digging about the lives of the Saints and as soon as we have compiled all available information we could find about a particular Saint this will be made available to you ASAP.

For all you know, the Saints who left this world and made their way to heaven has continued their earthly holy endeavors in heaven.

Meaning to say, they did not cease working for God in obtaining the salvation of all of us who are still here on earth.

The only difference between their holy endeavors while on earth and their holy endeavors now that they are in heaven is that they can intercede and pray for us directly to Jesus.

So lets not forget to connect with the Saints through asking for their intercession. They are most near to God now so they can easily obtain for us from God the things we need help with in our life here on earth.

Stay tuned and watch for the first Saint that we will showcase here in

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