How Do You Respond to God’s Call to Discipleship?

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God calls all of us to the work of discipleship. In Matthew 28:19, just before He ascended to heaven, Jesus instructed His Apostles and the many other disciples, both men and women, who gathered around Him at Mt. of Olives, the place where His ascension to heaven took place, and where they said their final goodbyes, to:

“. . . . . Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

But this final instruction of Jesus is a command not only intended to his first followers, the remaining 11 Apostles, and the many other disciples that followed, but it is also addressed to all of us now, and not just to men, but to women as well.

The meaning of “discipleship” may not be fully grasped easily, especially by one who is young in the faith journey, which I believe we all are since we are continuously growing in our Faith and continuously knowing and learning about our God whom we cannot fully fathom while we remain on earth. Unless we commit ourselves in the full service of God we will remain lacking in the true knowledge of what it is to really be His disciple, and to how can we contribute to the vast work of discipleship.

And what is a disciple, anyway?

Jesus said in The Poem of the Man-God, a book written by Maria Valtorta  through dictations she received from the Lord and our blessed Mother Mary, and through visions of His life here on earth that He allowed her to see, “Disciple means to follow the discipline of the Master, of His doctrine. Therefore, in a wide meaning, all those who now and in future centuries will follow My doctrine, will be called disciples.”

Let me repeat this part: “All those who now and in future centuries will follow My doctrine, will be called disciples.” Clearly, Jesus had us of this generation, and the generations to come, in His mind when He instituted discipleship while walking the earth two thousand years ago.

How do you respond to His discipleship call? This leaves a lot of time to ponder upon – as I myself did. But since Jesus said, “Apart from Me you can do nothing,” even such stuff as becoming His disciple needs His grace to fully understand the urgent call to discipleship and to fully discern which part of the vast working fields does He want you to do the task of discipleship.

In my heart’s desire to do as Jesus told us to do I contemplated upon what can I do to follow this command. Since I am passionate about writing I thought of using  writing as one of the ways I can make use of in the task of discipleship, most especially on women discipleship. Thus, in the book, Ready, Aim, Influence! (featured in photo above) which I am a contributor, I tried to talk about the Faith making it my starting point towards helping build God’s Kingdom on earth. Thus – discipleship.

How about you? How are you going to respond to God’s call for us to discipleship and make disciples of all nations?

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