Overcoming Hurdles of Keeping Up with the Christmas Spirit

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Christmas is always my favorite season of the year. Back in the day, when the kids are still in their growing up years, I always make Christmas extra special and joyful for the family.  The tree at home marks the beginning of the joyful season. Putting it up, as early as in the month of September, creates a feeling of excitement and anticipation among the children as they eagerly awaits the Big Day – the birthday of Jesus – which ushers in the Noche Buena celebration on the midnight of the 24th of December. Of course, part of the joys and excitement on Christmas day is the opening of gifts.

To this day, gift giving, and even exchanging of gifts, remains a big part of the family Christmas celebration. It remains the culmination of the family Christmas activities which include celebrating the Mass, before the Noche Buena dinner.

But in fast forward to the change of home country – the kids have grown up, they have been the ones preparing and planning the family Christmas activities, and even the buying of gifts.

This Christmas 2016, however, and after going through what may be rightly called the most trying period of the family, I found myself in a situation that I myself put up the family Christmas tree. It was not as fancy, though, as what my most younger daughter can do, but having done so again this time, and after so many years, has brought in me a feeling of having gone back home.   I’m home again – to myself.

I have reclaimed my Christmas tradition that was most significant to me for so many years but have long given up for my kids to take over. And that has made me come back to myself, and has again become who I am.

And I was happy that I have put up the family Christmas tree. And that in doing so, I not only come home to myself, but I have also kept up with the spirit of Christmas.

I was amazed!

And I thank God because I know it was His leading that made me do it.

Left to my own self,  I wouldn’t have thought of putting up the Christmas tree. So many things are going on around me that putting up the tree was easy to ignore.

Jesus said, “Apart from me you can do nothing!”

Friends – even the littlest thing we do – we are able to do because of the spirit of God that is in us. Everyday we live we draw strength from God that is in us.  I can only wonder what happens  if God’s spirit leaves us.

Oh, wait a minute – why am I talking about Christmas tree and God’s spirit in us.

It’s the first day of January!


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