How Not To Sabotage Your Destiny

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You can undermine your life.  You can play a big part in not having your God-ordained destiny come true. In other words, you can sabotage your own life’s destiny. And that is,  if you’re not careful and  wise enough – to think, feel and act in a most Christian way.

You have a fallen nature in you. Unless you live your life in union with Christ that fallen nature will prevail preventing you from reaching the wonderful destiny that God has planned for you to have in your earthly lifetime.

So how do you not sabotage your life destiny?

At all cost avoid the following attitudes:

1. Pride

Beth (not her real name) was a single mother. Her child’s father and family are offering her help, both financially and materially, but Beth refuses to accept them. Beth, instead, take two jobs and paid big money to someone to take care of her baby when she’s at work, which is most of the time.

As a result she had too little time spent with her baby, she was wearing herself out physically, and her decision prevented her baby from enjoying the benefits of receiving the full time and loving care from her paternal family.

Beth wanted to prove to everyone that she is capable of raising her child on her own. Her pride, therefore, prevented her from living a better life. She opted to live in difficulty by doing everything by herself.

And so by her refusal to accept help Beth prevented herself from living a life of ease and  the life of peace that is promised to God’s children evaded her.

Because of pride.

2. Fear

“Fear not!” Jesus repeated saying this several times when He was here on earth two thousand years ago.

The word FEAR is spoken of in the Bible about 500 times, maybe even more.

FEAR is unacceptable in the Christian life.  Jesus  commanded us not to fear.

Someone who came to the United States to fill up a temporary job did not want to go back home when the job came to an end. Others before him went home and filed for retirement and then came back to America.

But this one did not do as others did. He was afraid that when he does he won’t be able to come back.

Result he lost millions in retirement. Money that could have given him and his family a great deal of freedom. Freedom from lack. Freedom from living a limited life. Freedom from a mediocre life.

Because of FEAR!

Because of his fear he thwarted his destiny of living an abundant  and prosperous life.

3. Jealousy

Remember the story of David and Goliath in the Bible? David, obviously, was a man anointed by God to do powerful things. And he served the king of Israel from the time he subdued and killed the giant Goliath.

Sad to say, King Saul, got jealous of him and sought to kill him.

Result: Saul’s kingship was short-lived and he died a horrible death. He could have become a great king of Israel had he not given in to jealousy.

These are but three attitudes that you shouldn’t have in order not sabotage your life destiny. There could be more. Find out what attitude you could be practicing that must be sabotaging your life’s destiny.

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