Mary at the Foot of Jesus’ Cross

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Sure, we are not there. And, sure,  we didn’t have a first hand experience of the event. But if we look back in time and think about the whole event two thousand years ago we would surely conclude that it was a most moving sequence of events, a most devastating period in time in the lives of Jesus and Mary and the men and women disciples of Jesus.

Let’s check the Crucifixion scene: Jesus’ Mother, Mary, was at the foot of the cross where her son, Jesus, has just been nailed down to.  With her was the Apostle John. John had earlier gone to pick her up and to break to her the news about Jesus arrest and condemnation. But Mary already knew in her heart what John was going to tell her. And together with the other women disciples who were with them since the previous night’s breaking of the bread (or Last Supper) they set about to catch up with Jesus’s who, by this time, was already carrying the cross towards Golgotha.

At Golgotha Longinus, the Roman centurion,  ordered his soldiers to let the Mother of the crucified, and John  (he mistook John to be Mary’s son),  come up. Thus, Mary was at the foot of the cross suffering with Jesus and comforting Him all throughout His agony. The Apostle John was likewise comforting and supporting Mary who has been weeping all throughout  Her Son’s ordeals, and was on the brink of losing consciousness.

Many thanks to the kindly Longinus. His acts of compassion must have greatly relieved the mother’s dire longing to get close to her condemned son whom she so wanted to give comfort by her mere presence in close proximity. No wonder, in the end, Longinus, who was blind in one eye, received a full healing of his sight.

When the Lord breathed his last, the other women disciples were able to join Mary and John at the foot of the cross.

These women were Mary of Alpahaeus, the mother of Apostles James and Juddas Thaddeus, who were Jesus cousins; Mary Salome, the mother of Apostles James and John of Zebedee, Marta, sister of Lazarus and Mary Magdalene, their sister.

There were other women disciples who came along  with the procession to Golgotha to comfort Jesus. Among them were Johanna, the wife of Chuza, house-steward of Herod the Tetrarch, and Veronica, the woman who offered Jesus a cloth to refresh himself.

Note: The information used in this post was taken from Vol. V of  the book Poem of the Man-God written by Maria Valtorta as dictated to her by our Lord, Jesus Christ, Himself. See resources page to know more about the book:

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