“I found the book very heartening spiritually. I honor Hermie for countenancing the Lord to tad her life on a daily basis and translating the insights she erudited into this book.   It also allows readers to learn more about God's workings in diversified cultures. This would enable her to relate and likewise enrich other people's lives, including me.” 
Rod Bustos
Couples For Christ (CFC) community
“Reading this book is a prayer by itself. The reflections give an insight to the heart of the author and those she quotes. To my mind, it fulfills her goal to glorify the Lord and to be an instrument of the Great Commission to ‘go and make disciples of all nations…’”
Norby Perrin
Couples For Christ (CFC), member since 1993
“Reading In His Praise strengthens your Catholic faith and deepens your spirituality. Hermie Climaco's spiritual journey led her to write this book as a praise offering to God but you'll get many more beneficial insights from this book, insights that you can apply to yourself in order to live a victorious life and a much better Christian life. Don't miss this book."
Eduardo Deausen
Children's National Medical Center, Biochemical
and Molecular Department of Lab Medicine /
Couples For Christ - Maryland (CFC-MD) Cluster Head
“The eBook “In His Praise” written by Hermie Loma-Climaco gives a rich narration of personal spiritual journey across the world from the Philippines to the United States of America. It’s about shared experiences of a Christian woman, a friend, a wife, a mother, a parishioner vis-à-vis various seasons in her Christian life – Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Santacruzan, etc. We like the way the author proves her claims by presenting the points and life-lessons from famous writers, spiritual leaders and famous figures such as Hillel Levine, Fr. Joseph McCloskey, Josef de Veuster and others. Reading it would serve as an inspiration and ‘eye-opener’ to readers who seek to prepare and reflect on life’s challenges. The story in each chapter showcases the author’s deep faith in the Lord and strong-ties to the Catholic community and to Couples for Christ and enables us to envision our approach into common circumstances and viewpoints from surprising vantages that transform and enlarge our perspectives in life. Our biggest take-aways are the tips on battling life’s realities which are deeply-rooted from her faith, family relations and cultural ties to her heritage. It’s an insightful book for all.
Reman and Pura Abadejos
Educators, Prince George’s County Public Schools /
Leaders, Couples for Christ (CFC)-Washington, D.C
“A great book indeed. I praise and thank the Lord for the gift of writing He has bestowed on the author, whom I knew previously having worked together at the Office of the President of the Philippines. Her book is truly inspiring and I wish that many people get to read it. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t work together longer at the Office of the President since she and her  family moved to America but our  being in the same CFC Community bound our friendship, even when miles apart. It is my prayer that the Lord will continue to bless Hermie  and use her gift of writing as a channel of inspiration, love and faith in the Lord. Hermie, keep shining for Jesus and be blessed a lot more. May your family enjoy the fullness of life in God.  With much love and peace from your brother in Christ.”
Chito Nepomuceno
Financial Advisor and Unit Manager of Philamlife, an AIA company; MDRT member /
Country Coordinator for Couples For Christ (CFC)-Cambodia
A very inspiring story of a woman whose life's journey continues to manifest God's faithfulness in the midst of tribulations. Hermie Climaco, in this book, also presents some of the most misunderstood aspects of the Catholic beliefs and devotions and she shed light on them as they are intertwined with her life's experiences. For instance, she explains the reason why Catholics pray and ask for intercessions to saints and why she, in her own life's experience, has adopted Mary to be her spiritual mother and how this relationship with God and with Jesus through the intercession of the saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary, has helped deepen her faith and has increased her love furthermore with God. Don't miss this soul-quenching and spirit-filled testimony and witnessing of Hermie Climaco in the name of Christ Jesus, who is real and truly alive.
Ronnie and Belle Chavez
Couples For Christ - Maryland (CFC-MD) Area Head