About Me

My Life Story and My Journey as a Catholic

I am a wife, a mom of nine children (don’t panic – LoL!), and a grandma of two adorable toddlers: a one year old boy from my second son, and a five year old girl from my oldest daughter (I have three girls and six boys).

In 1992, my husband who was in the Armed Forces of the Philippines during that time  urged me to join a Christian Life Program by a community called Couples For Christ per invitation of a colleague of his in his military office.

I didn’t want to attend  but the invitation continued and my husband’s desire prevailed.

Seventeen years later to this day I am a strong follower of Jesus and tried to serve Him the best way I can through our Couples For Christ community. But that did not come, though, without a series of backsliding,  coming back, backsliding, coming back again and again and again.

The biggest lesson I learned in my early life in the community was: we have to proclaim the things that God did to us. Thus, during assemblies several of us would go in front and give a testimony. Which – I did not want to do. 

The second big lesson I learned was: we have to give back to God the gift that He has given us:  the skills or talents that we have.  

This is one main reason why I am writing about my Catholic faith. Early on, I am showing an inclination towards writing. I then decided to use it for the Lord, thus giving back to Him the writing skill that He has endowed me with.

For my biggest lesson, which was to “proclaim what God has done to us,” and which I did not want to do, God Himself convicted me about it that after said conviction I would take every opportunity to testify for the Lord no matter how scary it was to stand in front of the community.

I wrote briefly about it in my book, “In His Praise.” If you want to know how did God convict me, you may want to get a copy of the book from Amazon.

For a takeaway, I urge you to proclaim the good things God did into your life and to give back to God the blessings that He has given you. 

My Goal for this Website

  • To re-empower today’s women believers in the service of God, and of His Church, which Jesus started during his three-year ministry;
  • To revive in today’s women believers the same courage, strength, faith, love and support that the early women disciples accorded Jesus and His church during the last three years of His life on earth;
  • To encourage today’s women believers to partake in the role of discipleship in this present time and age starting with their families, and friends, who are lukewarm to the cause of God for salvation and Kingdom building.
  • To re-educate today’s women believers on the true value and beauty of our faith as culled from Jesus teachings (written in the New Testament Book of the Bible) during His three year ministry