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It’s Snow Time!

And I’m wondering how snow days will go during this Pandemic period.

Anyhow . . .

Although the biting winter cold during snow days usually discourages me from going out of the house the truth is – I love snow! I love the sight of white flakes slowly (or quickly, if there’s a snowstorm) falling from the sky, and the sight of whiteness that covers the dark grounds of the earth afterwards.

I heard it said that when angels are cleaning in heaven remnants fall into the earth and we call those remnants, or falling flakes, snow.

That was a funny joke, of course!

One thing I can say about snow is that it is another great creation of God, which reflects the hugeness and the beautiful-ness of His masterpieces.

And so my heart sings when I woke up to a beautiful snowful morning this past four days.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of snow.

I have a guest writer today. He is a deacon. He ministers and assist the parish priest of St. Columba Catholic Church, Fr. Gary Villanueva, in Oxon Hill, Maryland. His name is Deacon Leandro Espinosa.

You can read his post here, or if you wish you can read it from his website here.

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To Trap a Bird

 By Deacon Leandro Espinosa

Many were the things my friends and I did before we noticed girls. Aside from classes and homework, there were sports — softball, ping pong, basketball, etc. We even crafted our own boy toys like kites that gave us much enjoyment. We also made slingshots and traps for small birds. Making the slingshots and bird traps was by itself exciting. We hit a few birds with the slingshots and caught some in our traps.

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An Offering of Praise

By a Catholic mom-writer

Immerse yourself in inspiring reflections and insights from a Catholic mom-writer.


"In His Praise" is the result of the knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith that Hermie collected along her spiritual journey particularly during that time in her life that she joined the community, Couples For Christ. Hermie did not just take in what she learned spiritually but she lived them and responded to them by using her writing skill and most of all by writing this book, In His Praise. Worth reading."
Fr. Columban Crotty, SS.CC.
National Center of the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the Home,
Fairhaven, Massachusetts
"In this book, Hermie shares her ever-growing, every faithful love of God and His importance in every aspect of her life. She realizes it is not just for her but is something that must be shared. She offers suggestions about making God and Mary more present in our lives as well. Read and profit from this insightful work.”
Bonnie Joy
St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church
Seat Pleasant, Maryland
"It was my privilege and pleasure to read this entertaining book. I find Hermie to be a gifted woman of faith. She’s been writing articles/columns way back in the third world country where she grew up, had her own family and later settled in America. This book is about a journey in God’s given gift of faith.”
Charito Grace Antiporda
The Catholic University of America, Mullen Library, Washington, D.C. / CFC-Handmaids of the Lord-Washington, D.C.

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I am Hermie Climaco, creator of catholicwomendisciples.com. I dedicate this website to the women in the Catholic Church. 


I am  Catholic by birth. 

At this point in my Catholic life I must say that I have continuously grown  spiritually.  I learned many things about the faith that strongly inspired me to create a website specifically for the women in the Catholic Church.

The many interesting and beautiful things I learned about the Catholic faith drove me to find a way to share bits and pieces of the faith that I have picked up and learned along my life’s journey. 

This website is that way.